The Engineering and Research Solutions Collective

The Engineering and Research Solutions Collective of SC (SC ERS) is the sole source for super wizard class analytics within the state. SC ERS is dedicated to the development and funding of numerous advanced applications implementing a variety of technologies. SC ERS offers an aggregate of specialized skills and expertise for consultation, collaboration, and operations. To learn more about resources and services, please contact our representative at amoeba.blue.

se3d se3d enables the evaluation and comparison of 3d datasets.
kmlmkr kmlmkr (mkl maker) provides an online interface for constructing a simple kml file of points from csv input.
street2set street2set provides a list of location coordinates drived from an input list of addresses.
getgps getgps provides the current gps coordinates for your device.
1unit2another 1unit2another performs unit conversions for a large variety of measurements.
uscgSCacp uscgSCacp (2019) addresses release incidents within a specific geographic context