Released in 2012.

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Featuring E. Newman
Recorded in the fall of 2011.
"Algorithm" represents an effective method of calculation.

01 Vorben
02 Fatal Essence
03 Identity in Execution
04 Orcusorgian


Recorded in the winter of 2011.
"Synthesis" is a resolution of particular reality and universal ideality.

05 Resonance Potential
06 Hegelian Dialectic
07 Relative Imperative
08 Transcendental Ratio
09 Transcendental Derivative
10 Persistent Becoming
11 Mass Action

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Vorben: Morality is an artificial construction.
Fatal Essence: Determinism is the result of pure causality.
Hegelian Dialectic: Every thesis includes an antithesis.
Relative Imperative: Objective significance is a cooperative constitution.