Released in 2011.

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Recorded in the winter of 2010.
"Reduction" is an application of the scientific method.

01 Sterics
02 Substrate Manifest
03 Empiricist Criterion
04 Wave Function
05 Entropy from Information


Featuring E. Newman
Recorded during various sessions spanning from 2007 through 2010.
"Virus" is an expression of systemic principles.

06 Truth and Utility
07 Mechanism of Gaia
08 Tautomeric Shift
09 Commence Caliginous Confinement
10 Eternity Opens as in Ancient Time

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Sterics: The properties of an item specifiy the result of environmental subjection.
Substrate Manifest: An event is a consequence of the reactants present within a system.
Wave Function: A collection of all potential products is a description of an operation.
Tautomeric Shift: Convention may be altered by the structural interconversion of isomers.