Released in 2010.

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Includes music from the "Krimpatul" demo.
Recorded in the fall of 2008.
"Quiescence" is an assessment of modernity and positivism.

01 Imperifect
02 Apocrypha
03 Exalt Varian
04 Emergent Property
05 Season of Nothing


Recorded in the summer of 2009.
"Memetics" is a description of the processes that are characteristic of life and information.

06 Eratosthenes
07 Amalia
08 Luca
09 Minblod

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Imperifect: Quantitative measurement is the fundamental procedure of inquiry.
Emergent Property: The mind results from the electrochemical activity of neural networks.
Amalia: Temporary perpetuation against entropy is the end of all means.
Minblod: Life is the mode of information.