Released in 2009 and 2012.

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Recorded originally in the summer of 2009.
Recorded again in the winter of 2012.
"Incipient" is an exploration of epistemic limitations.

01 Artifact Phenomena
02 Quantum Doctrine
03 Beyond Consciousness
04 The Constraint of Metaphysics
05 Agent Faculty
06 Icon Eclipsed


Includes music from the "Incipient" and "Proletariat" demos.
Recorded in the winter of 2007.
"Shadows" is a collection of observations concerning misanthropy and nihilism.

07 Amidst Decay
08 Nihilistic Foundation
09 Methodical Wisdom
10 Exclusion Necessity
11 Vigor Axiom
12 Intention Instinct

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Quantum Doctrine: Complimentary pairing unifies the duality observed between particles and waves.
The Constraint of Metaphysics: A scientific theory must be refutable in principle.
Nihilistic Foundation: Absolute truth is not present in abstractions.
Exclusion Necessity: Physical and logical law necessitate verity.